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Child Articulation Therapy

Speech Articulation Delays and ApraxiaThe amount and schedule of therapy is determined by a child’s unique needs; however, the majority of children respond well to a schedule of one to two times per week. Sessions range from 30-minute to one-hour time frames.

Therapy Rates

$90/hour (adjusted for shorter sessions)

About Speech Articulation Delays & Apraxia

Many children have difficulty pronouncing the sounds expected for their age. We specialize in treating a variety of speech problems—ranging from correction of a single sound error, such as /r/, to those more complicated articulation disorders, such as Apraxia of Speech. It is our desire to educate parents about what is age-appropriate and involve them in goal-setting and working with their child.

Apraxia is a complicated combination of speech symptoms indicating a child’s difficulty sequencing the movements and sounds to make meaningful words. This particular type of speech disorder should receive specially designed treatment unlike that of more common articulation delays. Children with CAS receive individually-tailored intervention from clinicians with unique experience in this area.

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