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Childhood Speech Evaluations and Assessments

Speech Language Evaluations and AssessmentsWe offer several types of evaluations depending on the nature of the concerns. Our assessments range from short screenings (to determine if a full assessment is appropriate) to comprehensive speech/language, fluency or speech/language/reading evaluations. The appropriate level of evaluation is determined at the time of intake. All families receive an interpretive conference as a part of the assessment package. This assures that parents have the opportunity to not only hear the results of the testing and the recommendations, but to have their questions and concerns addressed.

Evaluation Rates

  • Speech/Language Screening: $45 (reduced group rates available)
    (ages 2 and up)
  • Expanded Screening: $150
  • Articulation Evaluation: $150
  • Fluency Evaluation: $225
  • Comprehensive Speech/Language Evaluation: $375
    (preschool and school-aged)
  • Comprehensive Speech/Language/Academic Assessment: $450
    (school aged)
**additional costs may be incurred for testing of additional areas/time/report writing

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