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Reading and Writing Intervention (Dyslexia)

Language Disorders and DyslexiaThe amount and schedule of therapy is determined by a child’s unique needs; however, the majority of children respond well to a schedule of one to two times per week. Sessions range from 30-minute to one-hour time frames.

Therapy Rates

$90/hour (adjusted for shorter sessions)

About Language Based Reading/Writing Intervention

Language Disorders of a school-aged child can be difficult to determine. Many times they manifest themselves in academic struggles. They may mask themselves as inattention, ambiguity or behavior trouble. Some children are referred for testing because they demonstrate one or several of the following indicators of a language disorder, or a language-based learning disability.

General Characteristics of Language disability

  • Reading and spelling achievement below grade level
  • Immature speech patterns, difficulty in sentence comprehension and sentence formulation
  • Difficulty following spoken directions, interpreting and answering questions
  • Less able to communicate descriptive language information to listeners
  • Delays in acquisition of the meaning of specific words or relationships among words

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) recognizes Speech/Language Pathologists as specialists to diagnose and treat language-based learning disabilities. This unique category of learning disabilities is described as the following:

Dyslexia is the specific learning problem that involves reading.  There are two different kinds of dyslexia, non-language based and language based.  The child with dyslexia has trouble almost exclusively with the written (or printed) word. The child who has dyslexia as part of a larger language learning disability (language based dyslexia) has trouble with both the spoken and the written word.

Teachers, parents, or school learning specialists are often the first to notice difficulties. For a child with language-based difficulties, getting help is the key to moving ahead successfully. A language therapist is able to evaluate a child, determine which areas are weak, develop goals based on an individual child’s profile as well as conduct weekly sessions to work on the language, reading and academic areas in question.

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