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Child Language Therapy ServicesThe amount and schedule of therapy is determined by a child’s unique needs; however, the majority of children respond well to a schedule of one to two times per week. Sessions range from 30-minute to one-hour time frames.

Therapy Rates

$90/hour (adjusted for shorter sessions)

About Language Therapy

It is critical for young children to have a strong foundation in language. Not only is it pertinent for academic success but also for navigating through a social world! We consider language therapy a vital and important service we offer to children of all ages. The preschool children we serve gain functional and developmentally-appropriate skills to boost them into their school aged years. Many children enter our door with only  a grunt and leave wishing their therapist a “great day “ and “I love you”. Our older clients will find their grades and academic skills improving as they master higher level language concepts and processing. Nothing improves a child’s self confidence quite like the ability to express himself well through language.

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All of our therapists are certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association and licensed by the State of Tennessee
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